Mezzanine Safety Gates

Mezzanine safety gates are a great way to ensure the safety of workers in elevated mezzanine loading areas. They prevent accidents from occurring and also protect employees from falls. The product comes in a range of sizes and options, allowing them to be tailored to the requirements of the facility. These include telescoping panels, lift-out gates, and slide gates.


Mezzanine safety gates are designed to be installed across openings in guardrails. This prevents people and equipment from falling through them and provides a safe loading area for people and forklifts. In addition to providing protection, mezzanine safety gates help improve workplace efficiency. Many mezzanine safety gates come preassembled and require no additional work. Most of these gates are adjustable for optimal fit, making installation simple.


Some motorized mezzanine gate are designed to be operated manually. Others are made for automated operation, using pneumatic or electric power. All of these gates are designed to protect employees while loading and unloading and to provide fall prevention.


SafeMezz360 is mezzanine safety gates that is OSHA-compliant and ANSI-approved. It has an inner gate that automatically closes to keep personnel out, and a roller-track dual gate that slides up and down like a garage door to block access to the edge of the mezzanine platform.


A mezzanine safety gate is an important piece of equipment to have in an industrial or commercial environment. It keeps workers safe from the possibility of a fall and can be used to protect employees in hazardous loading or unloading situations. It is available in single pallet or double pallet widths, with options for custom size and finish.


Forklifts often require access to elevated positions in a facility, and they can be dangerous if there is no gate in place to prevent them from falling. Using a mezzanine gate is the ideal solution for this situation. Safety gates are made of stainless steel or aluminum and are easy to install. To choose the right one for your needs, measure the space for the mezzanine and the clear opening in the guardrail. You can then determine the appropriate width of the gate for the load height.


The FabenCo Clear Height Mezzanine Safety Gate is an OSHA-compliant gate, designed to ensure the safety of employees in high loading and unloading areas. The product is made of anodized 316 stainless steel and can be easily installed.


Wildeck manufactures mezzanines and guards and has developed a national network of systems integrators. They offer a wide variety of products for material handling and storage, including crossovers, rideable lifts, guards, and mezzanines. They can be purchased as individual units, or integrated with their mezzanine platforms for a complete solution.


MiTek Mezzanine Systems offers a variety of industrial mezzanine safety gates that meet the needs of any industry. Their mezzanine gates are designed to provide convenient access to elevated platforms and help improve the operational efficiency of a business.


Benko Products makes Protect-O-Gate mezzanine safety gates crafted from welded tubular steel. Their gates are brightly colored to draw attention to potential hazards and are made for daily abuse.Make sure to check out this website at for more details about safety.

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